Man on a Wharf

Man on a Wharf Series – Introduction

For quite a while now, I have had in my mind a very vivid image from one of my dreams of a man in a coat and hat, standing on an abandoned wharf at night. There’s nothing more to this image that that, and I do not think it is particularly profound; however, recently, it got me thinking…

Perhaps, this image would be a good starter for my first short story series. After all, the image poses a series of questions, including: Who is the man? Why is he alone on the wharf at night? Who is he meeting? Where are the docks? Why is he wearing a coat and hat?

In this series, I also want to experiment with a variety of different genres and techniques in order to find the style to which I am most suited as a writer.

Here is the brief:

  • Each story must feature a man in a coat and hat on a wharf
  • Each story must be no longer than 2000 words
  • Each story must be written in a different genre
  • A new story must be posted fortnightly for the next 10¬†weeks
  • A variety of writing techniques must be used

I hope you’ll find my stories interesting and engaging. Feel free to comment on these stories and suggest a genre for the next one!